Onitsha Phrases

Uzabulu: Benefits of any kind i.e due and undue.
Iyaji: Compromise
Jape: Small quantity usually of hot drinks.
Dandara: Even Draw game.
lle ebeletutu: Being inquisitive.
Iii ami lie mpio mpio: Refers to a greedy person Who besides his share takes that of others.
Ineline na ineline: This and that expression.
Asumasu: The main subject/issue.
Ile mgbada: .A talkative.
Oloma: Old dialect of ofuma; something good
Nseke: Confusion·
Otanke: Spy
Apule: Scruffy and unkempt fellow.
Ile nfe nfe: This is said who is garrulous in Light tongue.
Ayaka na lguoma: A group of disparate/diverse persons.
Gulu guluo: Mind yourself and be careful expression.
Ile nnu: This is said of someone who is a sweet talker.
Itu ukana: Grumbling and feeling cheated.'
Ilu olili: Committing havoc.
Ime akanabo: Stealing:
Iko ofusilima: Talking foolishly
Ita agbono: Talking rubbish'
Nni inyima: Witches brew
Aramura: Exception.
Nwa Okponu: An orphan who also has no brother and sister
Omejilieke: A miscreant.
Onu nnunu: An insincere and Unreliable person.

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