Steps in Marriage

Marriage Process in Onitsha

Inyo Uno - Exploratory visit to bride's home (One bottle of Gin)

Engagement Day: The Function Opens with Five Kola nutsa presented by the bride's parents at their residence.

Mmanya Efifie: Two pots of palm wine and one bottle of Gin with fourteen Naira for the father.

Mmamya Oji Nne: One pot of palm wineand one bottle og Gin with eight Naira for the mother.

Ife Aru: payable to thebride (Six Naira)

Ife Nru Aro: payable to the Father (Two Naira)

Oji Ozuzu Nwa: payable to the mother (Two Naira)

Mmanya Oji Diokpala and Oji Diopkala: One pot of palm wine plus one Naira.

Mmanya Oji Ada: One bottle of hot drink and one pot of palm wine

Igo Mmuo: One bottle of Gin and one pot of Palm wine with Kola nuts given to the bride's father.

Okika Iduno: (six Naira)

Ekene Idunata Uno: two pots of Palm wine, two tobacco heads, 60 Kola nuts and Five Naira

Oji Umunna: Two bottles of Gin and two pots of Palm wine

Oji Umunne: two bottles of Gi and two pots of palm wine.

On Divorce or termination of engagement, only the sum of Thrity four Naira (N34.00) is refundable to the male party.

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