- Onitsha America Inc. Introduces LIFE BENEFIT PLAN FOR ALL
The much awaited life insurance plan for Onitsha Indigenes in here! Onitsha America Inc., under the leadership of Onwa Dr Chudi Egbunike, has launched a life insurance plan for Onitsha indigenes. For a minimal amount a year, you can buy a $25,000 group life insurance. What is more intriguing is that once you buy it, it is yours to keep! It is your very own, owned and operated by you! Onitsha America Inc. will not tell you what to do with it. You can buy for yourself and your children. Additionally, if an organization changes ownership in future it does not affect the life insurance program, as long as you are up to date on your payments. What more, do not take my word for it, read the proposal below and learn for yourself. More information will also be available on our website at

Hurry, offer expires March 15, 2011

Following the Onitsha America Inc. (OAI) National convention in Houston, on September 4, 2009 the president of OAI, Onwa Dr Chudi Egbunike, constituted a “Death Benefit” committee to work on the new commitment by OAI to create a “Death Benefit” plan, for its “members”. Since OAI does not have ownership membership, but “supporting membership” in the language of its Article of incorporation under its 501©3 documents; it considered creating a membership organization under a for profit arm, which can provide this benefit for its members.

This idea was first born in 2006, but was never pursued in earnest until the new administration led by Onwa Dr Egbunike was elected in 2008. Most participants at the meeting in Houston felt that the humiliation of pleading and asking people to raise money for deceased relatives is distressing for grieving families. This is despite our understanding that these fundraising events, is our communal expression of support for the surviving family members, as well as a spirited farewell for the deceased comrade. The intension of this “Death Benefit” plan is not for members to die but to provide some ownership spirit for members who have been supporting this organization. It will also create a stronger sense of camaraderie amongst members as will be defined in the for profit arm of OAI, if so created.

The “Death Benefit” plan was renamed to “Life Benefit” plan which is a more humane term for a plan designed to provide benefit to bereaved members, who are celebrating the death/lives of their loved relatives. The organization has chosen this term “Life Benefit” to elevate our vision on such matters with a better image profile. Most Onitsha people are traditional people, and in most cases will prefer to have deceased relatives buried in Onitsha, Nigeria. As cumbersome as this exercise may be, it completes their natural cycle in life and provides closure for these families. Such an arduous exercise may not be understood by someone from a different culture. Therefore, we find this devotion by Onitsha America Inc. to create a low cost life insurance plan, or an in-house plan, to be a worthy undertaking.

Our renamed “Life Benefit” committee had several meetings and deliberations searching for a way to craft a new in-house program for the organization. This was a very difficult task due to the capital investment and possible loss of such fund if invested in volatile financial instruments. This program is the result of a cumulative effort expended by the “Life Benefit” committee over the past year searching for a workable plan for “members”. Fortunately, the committee found an established insurance plan that will satisfy the intention of the organization. This plan is designed as a Cultural Group Benefit for members of a cultural group. Since Onitsha America Inc. is a cultural group with a 501©3 designation, the President, Onwa Dr Chudi Egbunike felt in concert with OAI board that this benefit should be extended to all people who want to take advantage of this offer, under the loose membership definition of Onitsha America Inc. Many people have their personal life insurance plans, but the very low cost of this plan makes it very attractive as a supplemental insurance. One who does not take advantage of this plan may have to later regret their decision. We implore all to participate in this program considering that for the mere cost of a bottle of XO Remy Martin brandy you can purchase a life insurance for a year.

During the general meeting of Onitsha America Inc. convention held in Boston on September 2, 2010 we presented this plan of a very affordable life insurance policy for our “members”, and “nonmembers” who were also in attendance. As such, we now have a process whereby all deceased members of Onitsha America Inc. shall have a way for their bodies to be sent home without the family subjecting themselves to fundraising in such time of need. Regardless, we will still individually support a family which chooses to have a fundraising with its essence being to procure further funds to defray their funeral expense.

We will describe the details of the plan below for your review and decision to either participate or not, depending on your needs.

Details of the Group Life Insurance:

1) Benefit level chosen by all “members’ and “nonmembers” present at the meeting is $25,000.00. Lower amounts of $15,000.00, and $10,000.00 also exist.

2) Coverage is guaranteed for all participants without medical examination.

3) Your coverage can not be cancelled so long as the Master policy remains in force and you are a member of the cultural organization.

4) Payment of benefit is made quickly for any claim.

5) Coverage will begin first day of the month following enrollment.

6) To obtain coverage 75% of the membership must enroll. Not 100% of members like other plans.

7) Payment of claims begins after one year.

8) First year benefit is $12,500 for loss of each member, and $25,000 for the second year and onwards.

Cost of the plan:

1) Rate for members under 65 yrs is $8.25/month ($99.00/year) this amount may vary after the applications are submitted and actuarial tables have been completed. Your payment is for $25.000 annual coverage.

2) Members between the ages of 65 to less than 70 will receive a benefit of $12,500 at a premium of $4.13/month.

3) Children under the age of 18, who elect a $5,000 coverage plan will pay $.40/month

4) Children under the age of 18, who elect a $7,500 coverage plan will pay $.60/month.

Method of enrollment:

1) Enrollment for this plan will start on February 1, 2011 and will end on March 15, 2011.

2) You may enroll by sending your information to Mr. Eugene Okpara, by email, or by fax #770 997 9601. His office Phone is (770) 997 5750

3) Provide your full legal name.

4) Provide the legal names of all your children whom you wish to cover.

5) Provide the cultural name of your organization as Onitsha America Inc., to be covered.

6) Provide your official date of birth (no mago mago please).

7) Provide the official date of birth of your children to be insured.

8) Provide your phone number in case Mr. Eugene Okpara wants to contact you.

9) State your membership plan level as $25,000.00 for adults.

10) Please select your coverage level at $5,000.00, or $7,500.00, for your Children under 23yr, if they are in school.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of this plan?

You cannot be turned down.

No medical exam or health questionnaire

Your policy cannot be cancelled as long as your dues are paid.

Claims are paid quickly.

Can a member who decided not to enroll apply for coverage later?

Yes. That member can apply at the next policy anniversary, but must complete a health questionnaire before being approved.

When does coverage under the plan begin?

Your coverage will begin on the first day of the month following your enrollment.

To whom do we make payments?

You pay directly to the Insurance Company, not to Onitsha America Inc.

We sincerely thank members of the “Life Benefit” committee who worked hard to secure this wonderful program to be used by all interested participants. The committee members include Dr Loretta Mbadugha, Nnanyelugo John Anyaeji, Omenazu I. Okagbue, Chio G. Chukwuma, and Kpajie Dr. J. N. Onwuta. I will like to affirm that these committee members have no liability as to the success or failure of this program, and that all risks are accepted by the participants in this program as in all other insurance plans.

We will encourage everyone to endeavor to take advantage of this plan. The benefit is yours for such a small cost. It is a way to provide dignity, security, and independence to your family. You will have yourself to blame if you neglect to utilize this golden opportunity.


Kpajie Dr. J. N. Onwuta,